Sandra Hammer

libra | Designer

1) Something you may not know about me… I have been skydiving

2) When I was 10 years old, I was… watching “Clueless” on a regular basis

3) I cannot live without…  Music and Chapstick 

4) I’m dying to go to…  Finland, Chile and always dreaming about going back to Italy

5) I need…  time to slow down!

6) If I were a superhero, I would have the power to… clone myself so I can check everything off my to do list! 

7) If you could only bring one thing to the moon… I would like to pass on traveling to the moon; have you seen “Gravity”?

8) All time favorite food… Bocce's pizza and wings - Bailey or Hopkins locations - and prosciutto sandwiches

9) Your best day ever was… 2019 resolution - appreciate ever day as “the best day ever” 

10) If I ruled the world…  I would need a lot of coffee