Michael Poczkalski

pisces | Principal Designer

1) Something you may not know about me… nuclear mechanic on ballistic missile submarines, USS George C Marshall to be exact

2) When I was 10 years old, I was… loving life as a husky department boy

3) I cannot live without… unsweetened ice tea

4) I’m dying to go to… New Zealand

5) I need…  the day to be 36 hours

6) If I were a superhero, I would have the power to… divide myself into multiple persons so I could get more accomplished

7) If you could only bring one thing to the moon… it would be gravity

8) All time favorite food… Pasta and bread

9) Your best day ever was… June 3, 2003

10) If I ruled the world…  I would have a really cool palace, oh and a kickass crown!