While every client and job is unique, below are the general steps we go through in our design projects.


STEP ONE | Client Consultation

We want to get to know you...which means be prepared for a million questions!  What's your lifestyle?  Who will be using the space? What do you like?  What do you absolutely despise?  What is your budget? We're learning about your needs and what's most meaningful to you.  During the consultation phase the client's needs and objectives are identified. Measurements and photos are often taken at this time.

STEP TWO | Schematic Design

To help you visualize - rough sketches and elevations are created, preliminary furniture and finish ideas are developed and then presented to the client for review and revision..  The basic drawings help to make sure we are all on the same page and set us in motion for the steps to follow.  This is a our rough draft, so to speak.

STEP THREE | Design Development

After final approval of the preliminary designs, we will develop detailed elevations, floor plans and visual aids allowing you to visulize the future space. Colors and finishes are refined, furniture, fabrics and equipment are selected and cost estimates are prepared. In addition to any millwork, custom cabinetry, and furniture pieces are selected that will be implemented into your space.  The resulting design is presented to the client for review, revision and final approval.  It's important for you to visualize and be able to feel whats essentially going to be in your space.

STEP FOUR | Construction Documentation

We create any necessary construction documents.  These are drawings that tell the fleet of contractors and craftspeople exactly how we want your space to be built and look.  These details include millwork specification, finish selections such as flooring and paint, lighting plans and fixture selection, plumbing location and fixture selection, and electrical layouts in regard to the total scope of work to be completed.

**During this phase: bids are obtained and contractors are selected. While we are happy to recommend and source out multiple contractors - the client is responsible for making the final decision in regards to construction company.

STEP FIVE | Design Implementation

Details, details, details!  We finalize all drawings, layouts and custom finishes in your space.  Be prepared for this stage, as it usually takes some time and will involve a lot of back and forth chats with our design team...making sure we have everything just right. With your stamp of approval, we move to purchasing, ordering, shipping, receiving... and of course, inspecting. We are there to assist for the entire process...because when something arrives wrong or broken (and trust us something always happens), it's our job to handle it and make it perfect.

STEP SIX | Construction / Remodel

 While under construction, we are here for you! Checking in...managing the 'to-do list'.  Seeing how you are doing.  Additionally, so you can see the process, we're taking videos and photos of the progress.  

If the project requires, we become the project manager. We can over see and coordinate all of the construction, electrical, plumbing, lighting installation, AV, landscaping, pretty much everything imaginable for construction.  We want to ensure that everything is done properly and beautifully.

STEP SEVEN | Installation

It's like your best Birthday all over again!  We bring over trucks filled with your furniture, accessories and lots pretty goodies.  Don't worry... we do all the heavy lifting, or have our strong guys take care of it.  Because we've drawn everything up, don't worry, we know every piece of furniture will fit through the door.  It's reveal day and we cannot wait to see your smile!