One of the most difficult and perhaps even contentious issues in design is how much should design services cost a client? Interior design fees are not uniform from designer to designer, but in our attempt to make our process more transparent, we have chosen to give you an idea of how we charge and what you can be expected to be billed for.

MICHAEL P. DESIGN fee structure is based on an hourly rate. We have a tiered hourly rate for the different job positions that will be working on each project (i.e when an assistant is rendering floor plans vs. the principal designer). We bill on a monthly basis - with invoices being sent out at the end of each month. As each project is unique - based on scope of work and the role of MICHAEL P. DESIGN - we do our best to give an initial estimate of design hours after the consultation. We create this estimate by calculating how many hours we expect to work on each phase of your project based off of averages from previous/similar designs: measuring, rendering, finish selections, meetings, site visits, etc. Here is a list of what you can you expect to be billed for:

consultations | site & office meetings | emails | phone calls | site visits

project management | ordering | drafting | floor plans | troubleshooting | installation

picking up/dropping off samples | selecting finishes | computer modeling

re-working original design plan | shopping | contractor meetings

It is safe to say, if we are working on your project, we will be billing you for that time. Now we know this may sound rather brash and upfront, but as we had mentioned before…transparency is key. We value every single one of our clients time and make it a point to be as efficient as possible with everything we do while maintaining our high standards of design.

** estimate disclaimer: while we do our best to calculate expected hours…this is just an estimate and each project may require more or less hours if the breadth of work is modified.