skip the obvious; decorating for fall with unexpected colors

There is no way for you to know this, but this post was written while drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte, haters go ahead and hate. The fall is an exceptional season; it's beautiful, it's colorful, and no one will judge you when you swap out your yoga leggings for a princess dress and your kale smoothie for a handful of fun-sized bags of m&ms.

You have full permission to act as childish as you want; however, we want you to decorate like a full-blown adult. Grab your wool blanket, apple cider, and get ready to cozy up your home. The challenge, we're not using the typical reds, oranges, and yellows.

Clean, Crisp, and Cooler Than Last Year

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Use white, seriously use white. White is a wholly underestimated seasonal powerhouse. Every good piece of art, design included, needs a moment where the eye can rest. White elements do this while also giving you a few pieces that will effortlessly transition into winter, #winteriscoming.

Have kids and pets that aren't "white things friendly?" Try neutrals instead. Khaki, tan, and gold feel festive without feeling cheap.

Skip the obvious; Decorate with heritage pumpkins and succulents.


We aren't above pumpkins; we love how nostalgic the perfectly round orange pumpkin makes us feel, however this year we need a break. Luckily, if you head to your local farm or nursery, you'll see that we aren't the only ones. 2018 is the year of the heritage pumpkins, and our color pick is green. Heritage pumpkins are unusual, and frankly really cool. Look for Jarrahdale pumpkins, their long shelf-life, and grey-green skin are perfect for decoration.

Succulents have been trending since 2012, and chances are you have a few hanging around the house. Don't be afraid to mix your existing houseplants into your season decor. Picture an early fall dining party with green pumpkins and succulents as the centerpiece.

Surprises are part of the season.


Diverge from the expected and try blue, or that one particular color you are entirely obsessed with. It might be unexpected but, elements of "you" are critical to design. You'll be surprised by how far an unexpected pop of color will take your design. Try spray painting a few miniature pumpkins and clustering them together. Keep that blue or grey throw pillows, or blanket you love out; chances are in the right mix they will be lovely.