spring update

Nothing feels better than cleaning out your home and wiping all of winter off the surfaces. Sometimes cleaning just isn't enough for us to get that happy spring feeling in, here are some suggestions for some easy updates that anyone can put into their kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining and bathrooms!



Kitchens are the perfect place to get started! One thing that I find is a quick and easy update is just purchasing some new simple and clean accessories. Things like new cutting boards, mugs, glassware and even new cutlery. But if you are feeling that you need an extra change, try updating your backsplash or hardware with a new toned metal. Fixes like these are not to pricey and are just the thing to add to the space to transform it.



Same as the kitchen goes for the bedroom, sometimes just cleaning the space doesn't make it feel fresh enough. For your bedroom adding new things in like throw pillows, throw blankets or  new piece of art can really make the space feel like new again!


Living Room

Living room and bedrooms are similar in the ways that you can update them. Adding new accent seating, updating the coffee table or television stand can get the space feel like new. Adding new accessories is also a quick and affordable fix to get that clean and updated feeling in.


Dining Room

For the dining room updating things like your chairs and adding a different lighting fixture can really transform the space for a new fresh feeling for the new warmer months! For this space to, its always an easy fix to just rearrange the seating for a more functional layout.



You can get creative with updating your bath. Try adding new hardware on your vanity, or maybe add in a new storage organizer and even if you are feeling adventurous you could put in some new tiles on either the floor or shower! 

Overall updating your spaces does not have to be as expensive as you think, it can be obtained with quick easy updates that can be completed within a day to get your space feeling like new! All projects images are done by our design team, if you see something you like visit our home store for more information - room-buffalo.com or call (716) 939-2692.