4 non-interior design Instagrams to be inspired by

When a creative block hits, it hits hard. There are very few feelings as daunting as staring at a blank piece of paper without an inspired starting point. When inspiration runs dry, which at some point it will, where do you go to recharge?

Generally, the first place most people look is at a design blog or a designers profile. No judgment here, looking toward professional designers is a great start. These are the people out there creating and forecasting trends, however; we want you to add a few more profiles to your list of places to look.

Next time you're feeling low on ideas, we recommend these non-interior design Instagrams for your next source of inspiration.

1. @blockshoptextiles

Textiles are critical to the design process, they are also works of art in their own right. Blockshop is a sister-run textile studio based in Los Angeles and Jasipur. Get this, their entire process is manual, they design on paper, printed with wooden block, and dyed in small batches. Their feed will help you become brave enough to be bold with color and have you feeling all sorts of wanderlust.

2. @deVOLkitchens

Okay, so deVOL Kitchens does post a lot of kitchen designs. So by that fact alone, it really shouldn't be on this list. However; you would be surprised at how creative you can get with a kitchen. With kitchens, there are so many little places to add your imprint. It's easy to recycle the same old ideas and recreate past success, deVOL pushes the envelope while still keeping it timeless. We love deVOL’s use of color without being too “colorful,” that won't make sense until you visit their feed.

3. @themuseumofmodernart

Art directly inspires design, and art encourages creative. With so many art museums out there keeping up on Instagram we are leaving this one up to you, with the recommendation that you follow as many as you can. Take it one step farther, don't just follow art museums, GO TO THEM! Please, please, please make it a priority to visit as many inspiring places as possible.

4. @themoderncaravan

The best inspiration comes from inspiring people. Kate + Ellen are airstream dwellers that have been traveling and renovating caravans since 2014. Their feed is the answer to the question "What if we sold everything, bought a bus, and traveled?" That answer is pretty incredible. Their work is not only a lesson in efficiency in design but we secretly (not so secretly anymore) want to be them.

While on the subject of Instagram, you can follow our team and all our adventures at @michaelpdesign. We can promise a few things, mostly project photos with a few pictures of our three English Bulldogs. 🐕