accents - from tiles to wall paper


Adding different kinds of accents throughout your home can make it very cohesive and visually interesting. Looking at new trends like large scale wallpaper, eclectic tiles and warm metals are some accents that our team is loving! 

These can be implemented into spaces from hallways to kitchens to make them more cohesive. Using these can be a great way to add texture, colors or just a new touch that could possible change the feel of the space!

Try some of these out the next time you are feeling changing up your interiors! 


accents - blog.jpg

black + white

simple, contrasting colors always keep the space look co-hesive and classic, these are easy colors to implement to any accent that will make the space feel more complete!

accents - blog2.jpg

warm neutrals

cork textured wallpaper, pale pink tiles and warm neutrals mixed with geometric patterns makes a beautiful contrast 

accents - blog3.jpg

cool neutrals 

concrete textured wall paper with simple tiles adds and natural simple elements into a space with a eclectic look. and of course, adding gold will just make those materials pop! 


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